Thank You for the last 6 years

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all of our customers at Sportsmen’s Direct! And thank you to all of our employees. We couldn’t do it without you:  Justin Clark, Mike Pascoe, Chris Zizelman, RickandPam Ireland and Andrew Smith. And a special thank you to Justin Clark for filming, editing and posting this video. May you all have a blessed and Happy New Year!!

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Sportsmen’s Direct New Location – Coming Soon!

Dear valued customers and business partners,

Sportsmen’s Direct is pleased to announce that we will be opening a new location. Many of you are probably already familiar with the property, as it was the Boater’s World building that has been vacant for many years.  It is located just north of the Metro Parkway (16 Mile)/Jefferson intersection.  This intersection also has a gas station with marine fuel, a party store, oil change and a car wash.  It is also much less congested with traffic than our current location, which has always concerned me regarding all of your safety. 

The new property will provide us with much needed room to expand our product selection and plenty of parking space for BOATS AND TRAILERS!  We will once again have room to conduct regular seminars inside and have plenty of room outside to also host special events.  Most importantly, we hope it will provide long term job security for our employees and their families.

This is a big undertaking, with many things to get done and limited resources.  So, we do not have a hard date set for the actual opening.  We will likely operate both locations for an unspecified time.  We are shooting for a “soft opening” with live bait and seasonal retail product sales in mid to late September.  We will keep you posted as we go forward.  
We greatly appreciate your continued support, patience and prayers during this process.

Tight Lines,

Sportsmen’s Direct Inc
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Lake St. Clair Fishing Report 6-12-15

We have had lots of pop showers which have added color along the shoreline in some areas which has helped the shore fishing and also the walleye fishing. The main lake has remained fairly clear despite all the rain and wind. Fishing overall has been good all over the lake. Like all weeks there are some off days and some days they are really on!!!

Bass: There are still fish in all phases but the post spawn pattern has been the strongest. 6 to 12 FOW is the go to depths right now. The following baits have been flying off the shelf here at the shop for local and out of towners alike, so I think it’s safe to say this is what they are catching them on.

1) Soft Swimbaits such has Kietech, Strike King, Stank X Bait and Micro Spoons
2) Spybaits from Duo and Lucky Craft mostly in the 80 sizes
3) Dropshot worm style baits like the Dream Shot, Robo Worm and Z Drop Worm
4) Tubes in Green Pumpkin, Formula G3, Sweet Green and Goby Colors
5) Senko style baits have also been solid choice at the northern end of the lake from the reports we have gotten in.

Baits like Erie Darters, Fin-S, and Shad Shape worms are also great choice all summer on the dropshot rigs.

Walleye: The up and down keeps going on but since the weeds have really popped up in some areas guys are starting to catch them. The Mayflies are hatching to get those harnesses up high in the top 2 to 4 feet of the water column just above the weeds and you should get into the walleye there has been limits caught in the past week

Perch: Reports are coming in of 20 fish days of nice keepers from throughout the lake. 400 Club and off the Clinton River have been good for the guys. Perch Rigs and slip floats. Work the weed beds.

Gill/Sunnies: They are on the beds through out much of the lake

Muskie: For the most part the season has started off ok for guys. The fish have started moving to the near shore structure and the deep weed lines.

White Bass: Have started to really show up throughout the lake right now. Great action has happened off the Clinton river from shore and Metro. If you’re in a boat look for bird working and the area and boils from them pushing shiners to the surface has they feed.

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Lake St. Clair Fishing Report 6-4-2015

After a weekend of rain we have started to get back in the groove again out on the lake. The water had cooled a little thanks to the rain, but has this weekend grows near we should be back in good shape again. There has been a lot of wood kick out of the rivers so watch for debris in the water has you move about out there. We are starting to see a mayfly in the morning, but they are very light right now.

We now have large bass minnow and leeches in stock. Also we have sales going currently in the store and online. 25% off just about all panfish plastics, 30% off Rapala original and Jointed Raps, 30% Wyandotte worms and a few other things. All remaining X-Zone products are $3.99 and is in store only on those.

Bass: As of yesterday the fishing has picked back up to pre rain catch rates for guys. We have fish in all three stages on the lake right now and we should see schools of fry soon in the shallows and around weeds. Anglers are having success with a wide array of lures right now. Senko/Dinger type worms, drop shot baits, tubes, cranks, swimbaits and some spy bait action is happening right now. With the mayfly starting the top 1/3 of the water column could be the place to be in some areas so the topwater bite should start to happen soon. The depths guys are targeting are varied , from 12 to 2 FOW. But that is expected, while the fish are in all three stages.Selfridge, Miles Roads and the bays have been good places to start your hunt for the Lake St. Clair bronzebacks.

The Fishing Report from SDI 6-4-15 - Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River

The Fishing Report from SDI 6-4-15 - Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River

The Fishing Report from SDI 6-4-15 - Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River

The Fishing Report from SDI 6-4-15 - Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
Walleye: The queenside is still the most productive part of the main lake. The stained water near metro and Gino’s is still producing fish. From what I am seeing guys are fishing way to deep the large schools of bait fish are in tight to shore. Those that have casted at night from a boat or shore have been getting a few just about every night so the fish are there but scattered.

The St. Clair river has been good for those Jigging, Whipping and pulling harness. We have gotten reports from all three channels.

Perch: Scattered is the best way to put it right now. You do have to work for them a bit, but they can be had.

Gills/Sunnies: Beds have started to pop up in a few areas and the catch rates are still good on these guys through the whole lake US and Canada side.

Catfish: Harley Ensign, Metro Point and Spillway are producing fish. Shrimp, and green crawler have been working best, and both are in stock.

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Lake St. Clair Fishing Report 4-28-15

Well the extended forecast looks to be saying we are done with the cold weather until the fall. Which is going to be nice. And that means for the next 30 days or so we will have to many things to pick from to chase out here which isn’t a bad thing. We will start renting boats on May 1st for more info on that you can head on over to our website and read about them here.

Detroit river: For the most part it is eaters only for most of the river. There is some 6 to 8 lb fish being caught they just are not as common at this point in the game. Vertical Jigging Fin-S and Wyandotte Worm style worms are the weapon of choice for many still. Handliners have been doing well in a few areas has well pulling Raps and bombers.

Lake St. Clair: Those that have been trolling stickbaits such has Bay Rats, Bombers, and Raps have been picking up some fish recently in 8 to 12 FOW. As the water warms throughout this week I wouldn’t be shocked to see crawler harness kicking into gear here soon. I would work the area from Metro Point to the 400 club right now. By the weekend the bite could be good on the lake.

The deadline for the May Madness tournament is May 1st for more info visit the link below. There is huge payouts for this event.…r-may-madness/

St. Clair River:Action has started to become more steady throughout the popular areas to Jig fish. There has been a few reports of whip fishing being productive also in very select areas. There are few walleye being taken off the wall and this should get better has the water warms over the next week or so.

A few reports are starting to come in from the 7 to 9 FOW range catches of 40 keeper days have come in but most are getting 20 to 30 nice keepers for a good day of fishing right now.

They could be spawning in select areas by this weekend and fishing has been fair to date with a few having some really good days. Cover ground to locate the mother load pockets. Once you find them you can limit out quick with fish in the 10 to 12 inch range.

Fishing for them has been good for the few that have choose to go after them instead of the crappies and should get better has we get closer to the spawn.

Catfish: Catfish have started to come out of the Spillway and off the point at South River road. Fish has big has 15lbs has been reported.

Bass:Thanks to the new catch and release year round guys have started to fish them and man has there been some great days. Once the water temps warms back up would expect to start hearing reports of 100 fish days again. The best areas have been down in the mile roads from 14 mile and south of 9 mile area. 12 to 6 FOW has been the productive areas with some reports of shallow water action in 4 feet still happening.

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2015 Lake St. Clair May Madness

  • Tournament Date: May 17th 2015 
  • Registration $225 ($25 is going towards LSWC Ponds) Entry must be in by May 1st
  • Harley Ensign Memorial – Boating Access Site
  • 8 HOUR EVENT (7am to 3pm)
  • Weigh in is at 3:30 pm (6 Walleye Limit)
  • 50 boat field cap ( we will keep a wait list)

Boundaires will be Northern Tip Russel Island and the Northern most tip of Bell Isle. US and Canadian Waters. 

Payout (Based on a 50 boat field)

1st $2300 plus $2000 from Dick Huvaere’s Richmond Chrysler and RAM Trucks 2nd $1800

3rd $1600

4th $1300

5th $1000

6th $1000

7th $1000

8th Prize pack

  • Big Fish (Optional pot of $25 plus $250 from Dick Huvaere’s Richmond Chrysler and RAM Trucks)  
  • Youth Raffle will be drawn for all youths fishing in the event.
  • Captains Meeting May 16th 7PM at Sportsmen’s Direct
  • 50/50 Raffle with the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Fund
  • Door Prize Raffle


Below is the PDF which has rules and the sign form for the event:

May Walleye Tournment Rules & Entry Form



Dick Huvaere’s Richmond Chrysler and RAM Trucks

Sportsmen’s Direct

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Free Seminar March 28th at 6PM

On March 28th Sportsmen’s Direct will be hosting a seminar that is free to attend. The Speaker will be Rob Hoover half of the winning team from the Detroit River MWT last year.

He will be covering early season tactics, seasonal movements, boat control using today’s advanced electric motors. There was a huge turn out for his last seminar with us so get here early and snag a seat because it was standing room only.


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Free Seminar - " Spring Walleye Tactics" - Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
Sportsmen’s Direct
36072 Jefferson Ave
Harrison Twp, Mi 48045

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Lake St. Clair Fishing Report 3-12-15

The warm temps have started to effect the bite in a good way. The snow is melting down and is now letting more light down into the water. There is runoff coming in from the creeks and drain pipes so use cation in those areas where current is present. Also be on the look out for old spearing holes, these could have thin ice in them and we don’t want anyone getting hurt or wrose. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring our your spud bars and hand spikes for safety.

The Fishing Report from SDI 3-12-15 - Icefishing Lk. St. Clair

Perch: We have started to get reports of pockets of really good catches coming from the main lake. The key depths seem to be 2 to 4 FOW and 6 to 8 FOW. Bead Spoons and Jigging raps when they are worked up and in frenzy are hard to beat. But down sizing and fishing a Domination fry or Nuggie in Bubble Gum and RED fished on a jig have been the ticket in a few of these frenzies. Stay mobile and look for these pods of fish to have the best success.

Bluegill/Sunnies: There are a handful of marina, canals, and backwater areas that are pumping out some very large fish up to 11inches. They are wanting very small jigs like a 2.5 Bull Killer or a purist. The bite windows have been 2 to 4 hours and then it seems like there is nothing there. The key here is find life even if it’s pods of Golden shiners. You find that the blugills should be near by.

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The Fishing Report from SDI 3-12-15 - Icefishing Lk. St. Clair

There has also been a couple report of magnum pumpkinseeds out in 8 FOW try to locate the last of the green weeds and you should be good to go on this front. Name of the game out there has also been very small jigs and single spikes.

Northern Pike: If your looking for Northerns now is the time to start looking at canals with creeks in the back of them or anywhere moving water comes in these fish are in the final feed bag mode to fatten up for the spawn which is a few weeks out for these guys. Fish baits that look like dieing or injured perch, shad or Large Golden Shiners. If your out panfishing and the bite just shuts off chance are a muskie or a northern is near by.

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The Fishing Report from SDI 3-12-15 - Icefishing Lk. St. Clair

We got the last pint of wigglers of the season in today. All of the Ice Slammer Rods are 25% off , and much of the remaining ice spoon, and many of the Jigging rap style baits are on sale has well.

We have our 1st seminar of the Spring on March 28th at 6pm which will be on early spring walleye tactics. Please go to this post for more details.…d.php?t=533237

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Lake St. Clair Fishing Report 1-22-15

Looks like we have yet another great weekend of weather to be on the ice. Just a reminder the 94.7 WCSX Cold as Ice Fishing Tournament is this Saturday at the Day Sail. They will be taking walk up sign ups. Over all fishing has been reported has good from the majority of the guys coming through the shops. There has really been a boom of guys chasing pike this year and they are doing well more about that later in the report. We have worked really hard this week to get restocked on cleats, scoops, safety spikes, Spuds and augers for you guys. All of these were hot items, last weekend and we are totally restocked going into the weekend.

Also don’t forget we do have the Muilt-species tournament going on here in the shop see my thread on that for up to date info on the board and pics. Some of the pics will be in this week’s report also.

Perch: Perch numbers are still easy to come by. Sorting is still needed and for those that have put in the hours they have been getting rewarded with some great furry of catching in short periods of times. Locate life and then move around those areas and try to locate the bigger fish in those areas. The 1st few hours and last few hours have produced the more consistent big fish bite, but on the days the pressure was a bit higher in the mid day bite has been good in a few areas.

Depths to focus on would be 2 to 6 feet. Try to locate areas that have rocks and sand or some weeds. A few cabbage bed area has also produced, but the sandy bottom tends to be a more stable area for perch only fisherman.

Lures to try, Polish Perch Fry and other small jigging rap style baits. Mark’s Willows and Ice Tigers are still some of the most bought lures in the shop every day also. Tungsten and plastics have worked best in the deeper waters and mix bag areas.

Crappies/Gills/Sunnies: They took a few days off at the start of the week in the last few days they seem to have started to bite well again for people. Main Lake Cabbage beds are best when there is a lot of pressure in the area. But if you can get into a marina early enough and before the power auger and quads fire up you can get a great couple of hours of catching nice gills and sunnies if you know where the big girls hang out.

If you run into some ultra picky gills and sunnies try dropping down a Purist in brown, Black , or Red. This worked for me the other day to turn the sniffers into biters.

Walleye: We are still getting reports of some roaming wolf packs of walleye being caught in the shallows at night and twilight times in and around Gino’s and Metro Point. There is also some Walleye being caught to the south of the shop in the area of the 400 Tower. For walleye the normal stuff is working Jigging Rap, Spoons and Live minnows.

Pike: Pike fishing has been very good for those that have put in the time and located large numbers of them. Fish in the 30 to 38 inch range have been common the past week. We got loaded on Spearing Decoy size suckers. We did get one big momma in that is a couple pounds also.

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Lake St. Clair Fishing Report1-15-15

Well looks like we are going to have some great weather to get the kids out fishing and from the reports there should be plenty of fish biting to keep them happy. We are fully stocked on Emerlads, Spikes, Waxworms, Wigglers, Mousees, Suckers which included live decoy Suckers. Machines are starting to be come a regular site in the popualar areas like the day sail and Geno’s.

Also don’t forget we are running a Muilt-Speices Contest which is totally free and requiers no sign up. All you have to do catch it on Lake St. Clair and bring it by to be weighted in. There is 6 Speieces that we are keeping track of for this contest. Perch, Sunfish(Bluegills, Seeds, and Hybrids) Crappie, Rock Bass, Walleye and Pike. The contest ends March 1st stop by the shop for full details of check out this thread.

Perch: Some guys have begun to spear in areas. The water will clear up some everyday from here on out since the whole lake is locked up. Try #3 Jigin Minnow, ZT Minnows, Jigging Raps, Ken’s Hook, Mark’s Willow and Ice Tiger Spoons. Live Wigglers and Minnows have also be productive.
Here is the newest color in the Ice Tiger Bead Spoons they are selling fast.


10929925_10152926712255189_1909154788760671512_n10919043_10152986996421306_3492970849814603426_nTry Shallow early if you are away from the pack. Or try 5 to 7 FOW else where. The whole bay has been good for numbers keep moving until you find the quailty you are looking for.




Gill, Sunnies and Crappies The canals, marina and main Lake Cabbage beds are the best areas to look. Try Tungsten Jigs tipped with a Versa-Mite, Nuggie, or live bait such has spikes, waxies, and mousees.

The new Heavy Metal Bull Killer getting it done!

Walleye:A few report of walleye coming out in 5 to 8 FOW off the point of metro, Jigging Raps, Jigin Minnow, Shiver Minnows and the ZT minnows are working for those that have been targeting them. Those if have been fishing perch out there have also caught them on larger bead spoons.

Pike: We did get some really nice Decoy Suckers in for those wanting to spear pike. They are up to 15 inches long. We also wood decoys and decoy pins in stock. We just got reloaded on tip-ups has well. I have see a few cell phone pikes of some nice ones caught up to 34 inches and one 49 inch Muskie that a guy caught.
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